When you first found this city under the earth, it seemed beautiful despite its strangeness. A world of lights and colours, an underground heaven. 

But it proved to be the opposite of safe...

You have to get out. You have to escape. 

It will not be easy.  

Treacherous paths, invisible barriers, enemies at any turn await you.

And nothing is what it seems...

Created by: 

Versality Games, a team of two; for #CommunityGameJam 2019. 

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Such a cool game! I love the way the lighting shows the different colour obstacles! The art is perfect and fits in with the theme nicely. It almost feels like it could be a finished game so well done!

The only improvements I could think of for this are that the music can get a bit repetitive so maybe an option to turn it off would be good, and adding checkpoints too because it is so annoying having to start it all again when you die hahaha.

Apart from that it is a solid game, keep it up!

Thank you! You are too kind! 

Checkpoints are needed yes - but we run out of time! :-)